Acoustic, Harmonic & rather Celtic


Snakes in Exile, founded in 1992, has a repertoire of Celtic trad and original material topped up with an occasional well-chosen cover. This is not your regular 'folkband'. They have their own sound based mainly upon their vocal harmonies and a lively ambience. This specific Snakes sound was recorded on five albums so far. 'Songs and Salads' was released under direct management in 1996 and 'Second Skin' was born at the end of 1998. The third CD, 'Merrily Polluted ' was presented in May 2002.



26 augustus 2017

Gig in a castle in Switzerland

Gig by Snakes in Exile in a castle in Switzerland, Bern district

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3 september 2017

Optreden op multiculturele happening Dessel

Snakes sluiten de namiddag af

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Dressing Room